HR Policy

HR Policy


We have created our human resources policy within the framework of the "human being first" approach, believing that the human factor is decisive for the realization of the company's goals.

In this context, our basic human resources policy is to increase our productivity with systems and practices that provide opportunities and contributions to the development of our employees, their motivation, job satisfaction and happiness.

HR Mission

By implementing modern Human Resources systems, to develop our human resources and to become a company preferred by qualified workforce.

Our HR Vision

By valuing people and acting with the fact that our employees are the most important capital, to develop our human resources, to prepare them for career goals, and as a result, to give the greatest support to the achievement of company goals with successful employees.

Our Main Goals:

• Being open to change and innovation,

• To be a company that learns and constantly strives for self-improvement,

• Acting with team spirit and “We Consciousness”, to capture an employee profile that reflects their efforts to company performance as well as personal performance,

• To implement “Total Quality Management”,

• To improve our employees' career opportunities in parallel with company opportunities, with the development opportunities provided to them in order to strengthen their sense of belonging.

Our Values

Within the framework of the “People First” approach;

• We respect the human dignity of our employees, trust them, appreciate them and share the success.

• We give importance to the privacy of the personal information of the employees.

• We fulfill all our responsibilities, particularly the health and safety of our employees, for a sustainable future.