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Bringing successful and dynamic talents to the Mubaş Metal family, contributing to the sustainable success of Mubaş Metal with employee-oriented approaches, and following an exemplary management approach in international standards that always stand by their employees form the basis of our human resources policy.

In order to create an indispensable Mubaş Metal brand for our employees, we bring together qualified human resources under the umbrella of Mubaş Metal. We choose the members of the Mubaş Metal family among people who have strong communication skills, who complete their work by owning, open to innovations and change, and are customer and quality oriented.

We invest in the development of our employees. We support academic activities that contribute to the professional development of our employees, and work to maximize employee productivity with flexible career routes and work environments.

We increase the motivation and loyalty of our employees. We follow a transparent and open management policy, and we implement policies that increase motivation in order to gain employees who are loyal to the company, not dependent.

We support sustainable performance policies. We believe in target and competency-based performance evaluation, and we consider the performance results of our employees in their promotion and horizontal advancement.

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