Production Phases

Mubaş  Metal; manufactures all products which can be produced by aluminum injection technology with the principle of "Superior Quality", by the slogan of "From aluminum Injection to production," and presents the acclaim of its valued customers.


Mubaş  Metal Mold is engaged in Injection mold design, metal mold design, injection mold design, aluminum injection mold design, metal injection mold design, aluminum metal injection mold design.

Design & Engineering

Our mold designs are meticulously made by our professional team with the principle that quality production goes through the right design.

Mubaş  Metal Mold Manufactures injection molds, molds, metal molds, injection molds, aluminum injection molds, metal injection molds, aluminum injection molds, metal injection molds, aluminum metal injection molds.

Mold Manufacturing

We have 20 years experience in mold manufacturing. Your pattern; we manufacture all the details, including the right quality steel, heat treatment and periodic maintenance.

Mubaş  Metal Die Injection Manufactures Aluminum Injection Casting, Metal Injection Casting, Aluminum Casting, Metal Casting, Injection Press Die Casting, metal injection press Die Casting, aluminum injection press Die Casting, metal aluminum injection Die Casting.

High Pressure Aluminum Casting

We adopt the principle of quality production with the help of technological casting robots and equipment in our state-of-the-art injection molding machines, which are able to press up to 550 Ton and 9 Kg.

Mubaş Metal Mold Injection carry out the cleaning of  aluminum injection molds metal injection molds, aluminum runner entries, cleaning of gas chambers  and other residues manually or by the help of  or cleaning robots.

Product Improvement

Our improvement team clean the runner entrances, gas pockets and other residues on the product during the casting with the right quality understanding manually or with the help cleaning robots.

Mubaş  Metal Mold Injection makes aluminum injection molds, metal injection molds, aluminum metal injection molds on CNC machines with the desired dimensions or precision, and delivers ready for assembling and sale.


For our customers, our principle is to be a solution partner for our customers more than being a supplier, we machine blocks of your parts with the precision you want and prepare them for shipment at the end of your demands, then we make it ready for sale

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Quality assurance

The real driving force behind sustainable growth is the resource allocated to R & D. The reality in the center of existence in the market is quality, we know it very well. Think professional, notice our difference!

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  • Mubaş Metal Kalıp Enjeksiyon; üretilen alüminyum enjeksiyon kalıp, metal enjeksiyon kalıp, alüminyum metal enjeksiyon kalıpların yolluk girişleri, gaz cepleri ve diğer kalıntılar manuel veya temizleme robotları yardımıyla temizliğini yapmaktadır.

Mubaş Metal Kalıp&Alüminyum Döküm Ailesinin Bir Ferdi Olmak İstemezmisiniz ?


About Our

Mubaş Metal;

Since 2000, has been active only in the mold sector. As of 2009, it has undertaken the whole production at the point of aluminum injection mold, casting, improvement and product processing and has presented its 18 years of sector experience to its customers with a new breath.

With the slogan “from design to production in aluminum injection molding” every product with this technology can be presented to the acclaim of customers.

Foremost the Automotive sector,

wide range of products from agricultural equipment to office furniture, lighting, engine and reducer groups;

Continues to place the principle of being a solution partner of our customers on the most solid ground in a better quality, faster and solution oriented way and continues to be one of the leading companies in the sector without slowing down.



We are the solution partner of our customers with our wide product supply range including automotive, agriculture, office furniture, lighting, motor and reducer groups.

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